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Why choose Awesum?

Author : china hinge Date : 6/29/2013 3:40:04 AM
Why choose Awesum?
For Your direct Manufacturing & Export
Awesum owns factories covering a land area of appx. 41,000m2, including our material factory, handles, hinges, locks, kettle 
and kctchenware factories. Therefore, we are able to achieve DIRECT manufacturing, DIRECT montoring, DIRECT management, 
and DIRECT exporting.

Abide By Your Technical & Quality Requirement
Awesum Hardware Ltd. is proud to have employed 6 senior engineers, 100+ workman and 10+ QC staff, all of whom shares over
10 years of expertise, achieving a production capacity of over 100,000 sets of handles and locks and 200,000 pairs of hinges on 
an average monthly basis,. That is why clients from Europe, America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East reply on and work with us 
to support their project.

Minmise Your Chances of Paying More
As Awesum has over 2,000 tons of raw stainless steel material in stock on an average monthly basis, weensure a stable and 
continuous supply of raw material, not only does this guarantee delivery, but also minimise cost of outsourcing otherwise.

Your Environmentally Friendly and Socially Reponsible Supplier
Awesum is the first company to invest on polished dust ventilation system. Therefore, your products are being manufactured 
under a dust free, tidy and brightly lit manufacturing area. Not only does it ensure the physical and psychological health of our 
workman, but also we carry the same vision of being a environmentally friendly and socially responsible corporation.